Fraud Analytics RFP for Data Repository

Final Selection of vendor
The evaluation committee went over a meticulous process of evaluation on technical followed by the commercial basis, including standardisation, analysis and detailed study of the bids received from the various vendors. The vendor selected for the implementation of the project is KPMG. GI Council would like to thank all bidders for their participation and their well thought out, architected solutions to the RFP and wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Opening of Commercial Bids : 14th December 2020
The technical evaluation of the bids received in response to the RFP is complete. The committee has after due deliberations decided to open the commerical bids of all eligible candidates. The commercial bids will be opened on Monday 14th December 2020 in the presence of the entire evaluation team. Vendors would be notified by email for requisite details.

Under process: Final top technical bids
The technical evaluation of the bids by the evaluation team has been completed under various criteria by 15th October 2020. The process and evaluation is being studied and checked. The finalisation of the top bidders for opening of the commercial bids in under consideration. Details of the top bidders will be updated soon.

Bid presentation Format and schedule
Thursday 06 August, 2020
All eligible bidders are being called upon to present their solution on the bids submitted. The session is expected to last 2 hrs and would ideally comprise a presenation/demonstration of the proposed solution for 1hr followed by a session of answering questions and clarifications from the GI Council team. The schedule to be followed will be updated one week in advance to allow for preparation and confirmation by the bidders. Please contact Mrs. Pratibha (91-9820410957) for clarification or a rescheduling in case the timings or dates are inconvenient,

Opening of Technical bids for evaluation
The Gi Council RFP bid submission was closed on 22nd June 2020. The GI Council has received 17 bids in response to its RFP. The technical evaluation of the bids will begin on 7th July 2020 at 5pm. The list of successful bidders and the process will be updated on the website shortly.

Bid submission window extended to 22 June 2020
The bid submission window will be open until Monday, 22nd June 2020 for upload of the technical and commercial bids. Kindly ensure that the EMD amounts are credited in the bank account details provided and a mail with the relevant details are forwarded to with a cc to before uploading the documents in the assigned folders.

Last date for submission of bids: 19th June 2020
GI Council has received many requests from the bidders for an extension in the deadline for submission of commercial bids in view of the requirements of the online process, . Taking this into consideration, the last date of submission of bids (both technical and commercial) has been set to 19th June 2020. Kindly take note of the revised dates. The bid submission window will now open on 17th June 2020 at 12noon and end at 6pm on 19th June 2020.

Online Bid Submission
The bid submission process would be an online submission. Details of the process to be followed is attached herewith. All interested bidders are requested to take cognisance of the following important dates: Provide details for registration as a bidder: 6pm on 10th June 2020 Latest Receipt of Login details email: 12 noon on 11th June 2020 Technical & Commercial Bid uploads: 8am on 11th June to 10pm on 12th June

Date for submission of bids extended to 12th June 2020
The last date for submission of bids has been extended to 12th June 2020 in light of requests from many bidders. The requirements of the bid remain the same. However the submission of bids will be made online and the exact procedure will be communicated on the website in a few days.

Pre-bid schedule
Wednesday 20 May, 2020
The GI Council invites all the interested bidders for a pre-bid solution analysis session before the actual submissions. The pre bid meeting will be held over Webex/Microsoft Teams, and the links to the meeting will be shared with the respective team member, identified as our primary contact. Please go over the attached list and confirm your team availability at the designated date and time slot. Also confirm the primary contact name to whom the details of the meeting will be shared. Mails with these details can be sent to In case any interested bidder name is missing from the list, kindly urgently contact Pratibha at to enable us to arrange a slot for you.

Responses to Queries
Saturday 09 May, 2020
GI Council has received queries from interested parties regarding the RFP on Creation of the Data Repository. The consolidated list of queries and responses can be downloaded here.

Fraud Analytics Request for proposal
Wednesday 11 March, 2020
The Request for Proposal document with the related annexures has been uploaded. Interested parties may download the files and send in their proposals as per the timelines specified within the document.