Major Activities


A. Promotion of a better understanding of non-life insurance amongst the public:
Providing inputs to the media about the developments in the non-life insurance industry.

B. Promotion of sound development and maintenance of the reliability of the non-life insurance industry:
Developing codes of conduct for member companies, strengthening non-life insurance companies' disclosure, developing compliance programs to observe laws and regulations, etc.

C. Presentation of requests and proposal:
Representing the non-life insurance industry in the presentation of regulatory reform requests, and of opinions to insurance administration.

D. Response to social issues:
Combating automobile theft, taking measures to prevent insurance fraud, etc.

E. International activities:
Promoting dialogue and information exchange with overseas insurance associations, participating in international organizations' activities and international meetings.

F. Consumer Services:
The GI Council promotes consumers' understanding of insurance, and the presence of the general insurance industry in society.

G. Social Responsibility:
The GI Council undertakes activities having far reaching social implications in association with law enforcement agencies.

  • Automobile Theft Prevention
  • Prevention of Uninsured Driving
  • Response to Fraudulent Claims

H. Requests and Proposals:
The GI Council carries out activities to realize the establishment and revision of laws and regulations beneficial to the general insurance industry and society by making requests and proposals to the related parties.

  • Requests for Regulatory Reform
  • Requests for Senior Citizen Health Insurance
  • Opinions to Public Consultation

I. GI Council promotes international cooperation:
Cooperation with Insurance Associations

J. Development of the Business Environment:
The GI Council supports the operation of various insurance related systems and mechanisms instrumental to insurance companies., such as suitable changes for quicker and simpler mechanisms of relief to Motor road accident victims.