Message from Secretary General


Data Initiatives towards better standards for better customer service.

In our quest to enhance value additions to our member companies, we have made a couple of new initiatives..

These are:-

  • Member Information System
  • Data analytics
  • Member Information System (MIS)

Under this initiative, we intend to provide due industry update as quickly as possible.

Data analytics

In this initiative, we intend to use the publicly available data of our member companies for topical analysis of the industry trends on a number of parameters. Statistical tools and graphical presentation aids will be used to present the analysis.

We seek co-operation from all the member companies to provide data in respect of their companies from time to time to enable us provide this data based information service regularly.

I hope this would make all of us progress towards better standards in our business conduct to ensure better customer service.

We welcome all your suggestions and feedback on the website at: