Revolutionary Health Insurance Product with a Cause



Domestic workers, including maids, drivers, nannies, full time caretakers etc. are an integral part of the Indian labour force, with millions of individuals employed as domestic workers in households across the country. They contribute to household management by performing essential daily chores which enables us to balance work and home responsibilities.

 Despite their crucial role in supporting families and maintaining households, domestic workers often face health challenges due to the nature of their work, including physical strain, exposure to cleaning chemicals, and irregular working hours etc. Domestic workers often lack access to social security benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and other workplace amenities. The absence of such facilities puts them at a disadvantage, especially in times of illness or emergencies.

 Health Insurance is important for domestic workers as it provides financial support for medical expenses, ensuring they can access timely healthcare without significant financial burden. It promotes their well-being, offering a safety net for unforeseen health issues and contributing to a healthier and more productive workforce.

Often, due to lack of accessibility, limited understanding, or simple cost consciousness such community members are unable to avail the benefits of a comprehensive insurance policy that can support them in times of a health or accident-related emergency.

 Universal Sompo General Insurance Company has launched “Muskaan”, a thoughtfully customised health insurance product that offers domestic workers unwavering support through seamless access to insurance that can comprehensively cater to addressing medical needs and assist them at the time of an accident. By extending comprehensive coverage to the often overlooked 'missing middle', we aim to bring genuine smiles to faces that need it the most. Details of the product are available on official website of Universal Sompo General Insurance Company.